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The second album from Empire State, The Church Has Left the Building, sums up everything that a follower of Christ has been commissioned to do.  No longer are we caged within the four walls of a sanctuary and limiting the undeniable power of God.  This album speaks in great volume about reaching all people, sharing the “Good News”, and revealing times of struggle where the only cure from suffering is to lean on the Father.  Well produced tracks, lyrics, and hot topics complete a package for all to hear whether young or old, believer or non-believer, economic status, race, or gender.  It was created for the people and written to the people.  Empire State’s objective is to reach the hearts and minds of the lost and found through music that ultimately glorifies the one true King.  Listen and enjoy as Empire State breaks down the doors of seclusion and embraces the world, the people, and the “church”.

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